University of the Western Cape (Robert Sobukwe Rd, Bellville, Cape Town, 7535, South Africa)

In case of a hybrid format: (1) University of the Western Cape (Robert Sobukwe Rd, Bellville, Cape Town, 7535, South Africa), (2) University of Applied Science Neu-Ulm (Wileystr. 1, 89231 Neu-Ulm, Germany); building B (white one), IMA lab, and (3) home-office.


May, 16th until 20th.


Reception on May, 20th, starting at 4 p.m. Details on the reception: to be announced.

Schedule (draft)

Monday, start 10 o'clock
Welcome, Briefing, Handover to tutors
Discussion about business models
Milestone 1: Output expected: Business model presentation including differences Afria and Europa and a first idea / draft on the IT infrastructure
Tuesday, start 9 o'clock
IT infrastructure
Milestone 2: Present IT infrastructure and planned technology to be used – in the evening
Wednesday, start 9 o'clock
Develop IT infrastructure
Meetings upon request
Thursday, start 9 o'clock
Continue development and data gathering
First data-driven insights
Milestone 3: Present intermediate results at noon
Friday, start 9 o'clock
Finish data gathering
Prepare insights and possible business models including IT infrastructure
Milestone 4: Present your business case and how it can be scaled up – also to other domains (in the evening)

You will never walk alone - it is a team event

Applied Science Project Work

We decided to choose an approach to support and challenge the students. Therefore, a Kick-Off Meeting will be on Monday followed by a mid-term presentation. Finally, the demonstrators are presented on Friday.


Besides the mandatory meetings and presentations, the iot-hackathon chairs and co-chairs including the local organization team will be around from late morning until late afternoon. The time in-between can be used by the students to develop their demonstrators.